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How can you tell you need a strong password? When the app, service, or website requires a password. It’s that simple! 

Passwords are used to give you access but to prevent others from gaining access. 

Passwords are measured on a scale. At one end of the scale, the password is weak. At the other end, it is strong. An example of a weak one is “123456” (without the quotes). An example of a strong one is “DywqK*yKU3si” (without the quotes). A strong password contains both upper- and lower-case letters, is at least eight characters long, includes a number, and one special character if it is allowed. They can also be memorable ones, ones easier to remember, such as “shelfful-FLYABLE-widen”.

If the app, service, or website requires a password, create a strong one. 

Password management software such as 1Password or LastPass offers secure storage of passwords for use across all of your devices. Their built-in password generators create long randomized passwords that protect against hacking. The software remembers everything for you and automatically signs you into your favorite sites and apps.

Learn more about using strong, secure passwords.