Website Administration Services

Website Administration Services

  • HTML Template Installation
    • Conversion from HTML to PHP is available
  • Content Management System (CMS) Installation & Configuration
  • E-commerce Installation & Configuration
  • Product imports and exports
  • Cron Automation
  • Control Panel Administration
    • Mail Server User Management
    • User Access Management
    • SSL Installation
  • Domain Host Record Maintenance
  • Social Media Integration
Accounting Integration Services

E-commerce Integration Services

A payment gateway is the service between your online store and the payment processor. It allows online sellers to offer their customers secure ways to pay using a credit card or digital wallet. We assist you with integrating the payment gateways of your choice with your online store and accounting system.

Many online store applications offer a method to export order data to be imported into an accounting system. Some are add-on applications while others are built-in. We assist you with integrating your online store with your accounting system.

  • E-commerce Installation & Configuration
  • Payment System Integration
  • Accounting System Integration
Technical Support

Technical Support

A website can experience various issues, from broken contact forms to site errors. You might not know where to turn or who to contact to resolve the problem. We assist you in diagnosing issues and support you by working with your service provider to resolve problems.

Website Development Services

Website Development Services

We integrate designs created by graphic artists with web applications developed by programmers.

Virtual Assistant Retainer Packages

Virtual Assistant

$39USD / hr / mo
  • Page Content Changes
  • Product Changes
  • Social Media Posts
  • SEO of pages/products
  • Image Uploads
  • Data Record Changes


$59USD / hr / mo
  • Template & CMS Installation
  • Template & CMS Configuration
  • Cron Automation
  • Control Panel Administration
  • Software Updates
  • Social Media Integration


$99USD / hr / mo
  • SSL Installation
  • E-commerce Installation
  • E-commerce Configuration
  • Payment Systems Integration
  • Accounting Integration
  • Data Imports and Exports

Server Admin

$149USD / hr / mo
  • Unix Server Administration
  • Supported Software Upgrades
  • Server Module Updates
  • Mail Server Management
  • User Access Management
  • Domain Record Management